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Hello! My name is Mark.


A couple days ago, while I was waiting for a bus, a man asked me to buy him a piece of pizza.


I asked him for his favourite kinds, and bought him a couple slices.


I missed my bus as I waited for pizza to be warmed up, but buses come pretty frequently, and everybody deserves to eat.

Hi! I'm Nafisah

I am not sure if this means much. But I have had this happened to me and have done this to others as well. Whenever I feel uncomfortable in a situation or environment, I have been shown patience and be included in a group or pulled out of my comfort zone. Sure this isn’t the typical thing you’d hear or read regarding act of kindness.


This may seem little but for someone who has a mental health struggle everyday, this means the world. It makes being in public and around people calmer, warmer, and safe. Some people never help others to feel welcomed and often walk past. I’ve met pretty amazing people in my life.


Act of kindness comes in SO MANY FORMS💛

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