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1) Share a kindness story or any feel good story - AKA an Entry

2) When posting someone's story you must have their name and consent. Simply write the                   story using our submission form or email to us. Children's stories are welcome.

3) You may post a story about yourself whether you're a donor or recipient of kindness. The story       must be truthful.

4) There is a prize award for the winning entry selected at the end of each month and at the end         of the calendar year.

  • The grand prize winner for the year is chosen from the 12 monthly winners. 

5) The kindness project team will select and short-list 3 entries for contention and the winning             entry will be selected by you (the participants)

  • There must be at least 10 entries submitted in the month in order to have a selected winner

  • If less than 10 entries are submitted, the entries will be carried forward for the following month until we reach 10 entries

  • There will be a maximum 15 entries in any given month. The 16th entry and thereafter will be entered in the following month.

  • See Entries page

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Win Prizes:

Monthly - A choice of one of the following:

  • T-shirt with inscription (Kindness is my super power)

  • Coffee mug with logo (A cup of kindness)

  • $30 gift card (Amazon, Starbucks or Tim Hortons)

  • $50 donation to a charity of your choice


  • $500 cash plus a choice of one of the monthly prizes

Quote on Kindness.jpg
T-Shirt with logo.jpg


  • ​Kindness is my (front of shirt)

  • Superpower (back of shirt)

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Inscription: A Cup of Kindness

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