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My name is Kaleb.

I have a wife and a 9 month old baby. I often take the sky train and short bus ride to Walmart to buy diapers and groceries for my family. The bus stop to Walmart is another 10 minute walk. I had left the store carrying a big box in my hands when it started to rain. I was having a hard time opening my umbrella while balancing a big box at the same time. I was starting to get soaked.

A car pulled over beside me and asked if I wanted a lift to the bus stop. I wasn't sure and didn't answer right away. I was a little afraid but the rain was getting heavy. I took my time getting inside the car. Then the man offered to drive me to the sky train station or even to my house. I said the sky train was good. He tried to make some small talk but I was quiet for most of the drive. 

Looking back, he seemed like a nice enough guy but I was nervous. I'm not used to people offering their help to a complete stranger. I got home fairly dry including my box. I don't think I said thank you to this man. He was just doing a good deed to someone who obviously needed help. Through this project, I would like to say thank you now to this kind hearted stranger.

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