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Hi! My name is Raechel.

I was a new server at a restaurant where I work. I had the worst day on the job being on my own for the first time since training was completed. Two employees didn't show up for work so we were understaffed. I wasn't yet used to serving so many tables at one time; which meant that I failed to give fast service to my guests. I was very stressed and disappointed in myself and was waiting for the day to be over quickly.


Luckily my last table was a nice family.

There was a married couple with 3 kids under the age of 8. After paying for their bill, I was at one of the computer stands doing my cash out when I heard a child's voice utter the words, "excuse me?". I looked behind me and recognized the family from my last table.


The mother said that they wanted to look for me before they leave when the youngest child spoke. "Thank you for being our server. We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving".

I knelt down to be closer to the little boy's height and replied "You are very welcome. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too".


The rest of the family waved good-bye as they walked out the door. I can see them all smiling with their eyes even though they were wearing their masks. Thanks to that family, what had been a miserable day turned out to be an unexpected pleasurable day at work.

Kind words truly have power!



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