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Read: Short List No.1

My name is Teresa.


I am a mom with an awesome 13 year old son, Liam. Our act of kindness story begins with a project Liam and I started last Dec 2020 called “Yummy Cookies for Seniors.” Liam and I wanted to do something for the seniors in our community as COVID made a negative impact to them.


An idea came to mind to bake gingerbread men cookies for the seniors at a local Seniors’ care homes as I love to bake and Liam likes to help out. We wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces, boost their morale and make people happy during the Christmas holiday season.


Some seniors are alone with no family or not able to see family members during COVID, so we thought that receiving a nice homemade cookie would brighten their day. We baked and individually packaged over 150 gingerbread cookies and donated them (cost out of our own pocket) to the care home. We also baked another 200 decorated Valentine’s Day sugar cookies for the same care home in Feb 2021. For this 2021 holiday season, we again wanted to donate cookies for seniors and this time baked 155 gingerbread men cookies for senior members at our Church and delivered them on Dec. 11, 2021.


We achieved what we set out to do as the cookies were well received and made a positive impact to boost the morale of the seniors at our parish. The most memorable moments of this project was being able to spend quality time with my son, seeing the surprised faces of members of my church and their show of appreciation when we delivered the cookies to them.


We learned that showing kindness, empathy and giving a little bit of yourself by using your God given talents makes a big impact to those around you and makes everyone, including myself and my son feel good. If we can, we hope to continue our own little project every year and bring happiness to those around us.

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